School Camp Should Not Be Banned

School camps should not be banned because it can be the best trip for the grade 5/6 because they are always on the move to be able to play any sports, fun activities and to social with each other.


School camps are really important because kids need to be able to spend some time with nature and also have time with natures fresh air because, you know how all the types of animals in the world are outside in the nature free and happy, so with humans they mostly stay inside because they spend their time either doing their work or relaxing or playing on the computer, etc… and that’s bad because you’re part of Gods creation and you should be thankful for that instead of playing on electronics and other objects, so instead go outside and play some sports, get some fresh air or maybe even rest outside on the grass and go camping because that means you’re enjoying Gods creation.


School camps are very important because camps can give an idea like if you were a person who always spends their time playing on electronics which is bad, but if they have a chance to go camping and see how fun it is it can change them to play outside more often and spend less of their time on electronics. Camping is also important because when you go camping you are actually exploring more of Gods world that he created for all life and when you are on the trip if you go bike riding or maybe if go walking to see the glowing worms you feel happy and you’re enjoying it because you’re seeing more of Gods nature and you are also happy to see it because it is one of the most beautiful things on the world.


School camps are very important because that is one of the times that is the most fun in the world and in camping trips you can go kayaking, canoeing, fishing, having fun with you’re family and friend’s + cousins, a time to enjoy the creations of God, a time to gather around a campfire and have fun, a time to have fun with you’re friends and cousins like for a few days before you go back to work, a time to have enjoy everything you do, a time to enjoy all the things you have around you, a time to spend as much time as you want on playing in a kayak/canoe, campfire, family’s and friends + cousins, enjoy Gods creation, have a campfire, have fun with friends and cousins while you have the time to, to do everything you want to do, to enjoy everything around you.


I you understand my reasons why camping and school camping should not be banned, but it is very important because it can make friendship come from anywhere then forever and ever.

By Alessandro

Joseph Howells

With a courageous gut, Joseph stole a sheep for his family and paid the price by being sent to Australia as a convict.

Joseph was always up for an adventure, he was the man of the house to be precise. He stole the sheep to help his family. They were struggling with food warmth. He always said that “ If I never stole the sheep my family would have died.” He left Wales on the 9/8/1852 and arrived on the 9/12/1852. He arrived at Hobart by boat. He said “It was the worst time of his life. He was only 29 years old. He had 11 children, 4 daughters and 7 sons.

He also has 4 siblings 2 brothers and 2 sisters. He had a beautiful wife named Emily Finch. She was born on 16/9/1838 and died on the 4/1/1920. He decided to start a new life in Tasmania when his sentence for 7 years was up instead of going back to to Wales. He used to always say “ I’m so glad I stayed because I now have a beautiful family.”

He may not be here now but his spirit will live with us forever.


My Persuasive piece of writing

Renewable Energy Can Save Our World From Pollution!

Most people use fossil fuels that pollute our earth

What is renewable energy? Renewable energy is also called ‘green energy’ or ‘green power’ because it doesn’t pollute natural resources and saves money and creates electricity from the sun, wind and water.

The positive thing about using renewable energy, is you can reuse it without it running out unlike fossil fuels like coal which burns out after you use it and also creates smoke. If there is too much smoke in the air animals, humans, and all living things will not have access to fresh, clean air.

Scientists believe that we should all take part in caring for our earth but one concern about using renewable energy is that when the sun isn’t shining we won’t have enough energy to power electrical appliances, lighting and other sources that use power.

There are 5 different types of renewable energies: wing power, biomass energy, hydro power, geothermal energy and solar power. Each of these energies take part in keeping our beautiful environment from pollution and destruction towards our earth. Geothermal energy is used for heat some examples are volcanoes and geysers, a hotel in Oregon used geothermal energy to heat up hotel rooms, hydro power is used for grinding grain for more than 2,000 years. Wind power is another source mainly used by wind turbines that use wind to create green energy, biomass energy sources like wood and paper products are used in Iowa and Wisconsin, to create energy for landfills and dairy farms is being used to create electricity.

In conclusion I believe that it is vital that we save our planet from pollution and start using renewable energy to keep our planet clean!

By Nicola

How does fossil fuel impact on our environment?

Fuel affects the environment in a great way. When fuel is burnt is releases co2 into the air. The greenhouse effect is when these greenhouse gases (such as co2) trap energy from the sun.

Just like in a greenhouse to raise the temperature of the earth this is causing glaciers to melt the ocean currents to change eventually resulting in the end of the planet. So think about taking your bike once in a while.

What are fossil fuels?
Fossil fuels are gas, diesel, coal, natural gas that are the in the ground 1k down. Fossil fuel experts are afraid that fossil fuel is going to run out in less than a century.

We can stop this fuel problem by riding bikes or electric cars. Not only are we afraid that were going to have no more fuel we also are doing the environment a bad think we are putting out a lot of emissions which destroy our atmosphere/ozone.

Where does fossil fuels come from?

They come from oil rigs. Oil rigs are suction pipes which suck up oil and fuel. There are two types of oil black & gold and crude oil.

Using fossil fuels are bad for the environment because when you burn fire it pullets the Air and co2 goes into the atmosphere.

Firstly fossil fuel are non-renewable which makes the environment bad. When fossil fuel is burnt is releases co2 which destroys the atmosphere and trees. Also 3.2 billion tons of additional carbon dioxide annually effects trees and humans.

Another contributing reason to stop burning fossil fuel we have more pollution in the air than fresh air. Climate changes in snow in Victoria. A central for Australia weather and climate. So take a stand and use renewable energy as a source of power.




Australia post-week 6

Today was our last session at Australia Post. David was not there, so we had Lorelle again. We didn’t have a topic this week and we also didn’t prepare any questions to ask so we had to make them up as we go.

Firstly, when we prepared to go there, Kylie hadn’t arrived, so Mr Walsh took us instead. When we got there, we greeted each other and went out the back. Lorelle thought we had some questions to ask but we didn’t, so we talked about our inquiry expo we’re having.

Secondly, after we talked about how we’re going to present our expo. Lorelle said we could have her spare cardboard boxes for our presentation. We had an idea about making it into a post box with information about that we have collected along the way. When Samir asked if we could help her with her job, Lorelle got some letters and parcels from the front and gave them to us so we could put them in the correct bags.

When we looked at the bag, it was labelled the states in Australia and over seas. We put the parcels into the right bags, tied them up and put them into the trolley. Then we got the spare bag and put it back into the bag carrier.

Before we went back to school, Lorelle had some stuff to give to us for our expo. Lorelle gave us some price signs, travel and express brooches which is what we really wanted to show in our expo.

This week was a good week and we all enjoyed all our sessions at the Post Office.

by Alice, Sabrina, Samir and Joseph

Week 5 at Pets Story

On Monday the 26th of August Savannah, Jessica, Lachy, Ion and Caitlin
went to Pets Story for the fifth time. When we walked in we were greeted
by Shane and we said hello to each other and got straight into

The first thing we did was make cat scratchers. Jessica and Savannah were
building one together and finished first (even though it was the biggest)!
Caitlin and Lachy were building one by themselves. The one Caitlin was
going to do, broke before she opened it, and obviously Shane couldn’t sell
it so she put it back into the box for Shane to get a new one. And Ion was
doing one by himself. Once Lachy was finished, Caitlin and Lachy did
another one together.

After that Jessica asked the questions, this week’s questions were about
advertising and marketing. While Jessica was doing that Ion was still
building the same cat scratcher, even though everyone already finished a
while ago. When Jessica was done with the questions she went to help Ion
to build cat scratcher.

When Jessica and Ion finally finished building the cat scratcher,
Savannah, Jessica and Caitlin held a rabbit, the rabbits were so soft.

Then unfortunately it was time to go, we said goodbye and headed off back
to school. We all had a wonderful time and we all can’t wait to go back
for our final time next week.

By Savannah, Caitlin, Jessica, Ion and Lachy

Bakers Delight Week 6

Bakers Delight Week 6

Week six Joelee, Corinne, Nathan, Cristian and Demitri’s last week at Bakers Delight.

We all can’t believe it’s our last week when we got there we had lots of questions about marketing and productivity, Michaela was out so we had Alex for a little while. We also gave him lots of information on the expo and he had some questions for us about the expo. We also had a thankyou card for him that got put up no a pin board out the back.

We talked a little more about the expo and worked out that Joelee will do a diorama, Corinne will do a collage, Nathan will do a prezi and Cristian will do an imovie with the help of Demitri. When Michaela came back we organized the last piece of our presentation, we are going to be making scones and finger buns and slicing them up small and having then as a sample.

Then it was time to leave so everyone started thinking fast to buy time with questions and it worked! We stayed a little longer asking some more questions  about really anything that we could think of. Then it was time to start walking back to school, on the way back we passed the “Toy Postman” group so we walked back with them. It was a sad last week.

Joelee, Corinne, Nathan, Cristian and Demitri

Pets Story Week Six

On Monday the 2nd of September Savannah, Lachy, Caitlin and Jessica went to Pets Story for the last time for our inquiry.

Every week we walk to Pets Story, when we walk the we are always very excited about what we are going to do that day, but this week we were super excited because Shane said, because this is our last visit, we will be doing a lot of exciting things.

When we got there we were greeted by Shane, we helped him open the shop by taking the covers off the bird cages, feed and give water to the birds, rabbits and guinea pigs, get the register started and vacuum the shop.

After all that was done, Savannah and Caitlin started to price items. There was so much to do so Caitlin swapped with Jessica, so that meant now Savannah and Jessica were pricing. All of the products had a barcode, so to find out the price we had to scan the product on the computer to see how much it was and then there was a gun which we had to put in how much it was, press the trigger and out comes a sticker which you put on the product saying the price.

Next Shane asked Savannah and Jessica if we wanted to serve a customer, we both obviously said yes and we could wait for a customer. After about two minutes a customer came and he bought a fish. To see how much the fish was, because we couldn’t scan it, we had to go into a folder with all the pictures of fish and bar code next to it. Jessica scanned it and told the man how much the fish was, you had to type into the computer how much money they gave you and it tells you how much change to give them.  It was really fun and interesting.

After that Caitlin and Lachy packaged dog food, treats and chews, and Savannah and Jessica tamed the rabbits. It was really fun because the rabbits would keep on hopping away and Savannah and Jessica had to try and catch them.

Soon after that Lachy wanted to buy something for his birds and Jessica got to serve him but unfortunately, it was time to go back to school. We said goodbye and left. We all had a great time at Pets Story and we wish that we could have gone for longer.

By Savannah, Jessica, Caitlin, Lachy and Ion